15.10.2018 | Welcome to our blog

The holistic health community is rapidly growing, with more and more clients and practitioners taking a keen interest in integrated health and holistic alternatives. Holistic health practices care for the whole person and treat health issues using the most ethical, natural and effective methods and tools.

We aim to integrate both modern dental techniques with natural and alternative methods to not only solve the issues patients may have, but to prevent further dental issues and improve our patients' overall health.

The intention of our blog is to educate our readers about how they can best care for their oral and overall health at home, stay informed about new progressions in the alternative health world, and to share our vision and news from our clinic, DaVinci Dental.

If you are interested in contributing to our blog, or if you have any questions regarding our blog posts, please contact us at hello@thedavincidentist.com.

"Holistic dentistry looks at how the health and structural integrity of the mouth are influenced by everything else going on in the body - from skeletal mechanics to nutritional biochemistry." 

- Kristin Ohlson, Experience Life

The DaVinci Dentist