About DaVinci Dental

Philosophy of Care

Honesty and exceptional delivery sit at the centre of all treatments performed at DAVINCI Dental. We aim to communicate clearly expected outcomes and provide advice that is well informed. In those rare occasions where expectations are not entirely met, we commit to an open process in resolving those issues.
One of the keys to a healthy life is authentic interactions and connection. To assist with experiencing the best outcome for your health, Dr Tom extends his authentic self in creating a safe and open dynamic and invites the same from his patients.
We seek to empower each person, through knowledge and discussion to choose the treatments and care that is in highest alignment with their values in obtaining complete health – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
Natural Harmony
Through acting in harmony with nature and its laws can the highest states of health and well-being be obtained. Whenever possible we seek to find a natural and preventative approach to treating disease, limiting exposure to unnecessary chemicals and irritants at all costs.
Leonardo DaVinci was a pioneer in the technological realm, often designing and dreaming of inventions that weren’t built for many hundreds of years after his death. In this spirit we aim to take advantage of the latest in technology to provide the highest quality of care, staying on the leading edge of effective developments.

Vitality and beauty are gifts of Nature to those who live according to its laws ~ Leonardo DaVinci


Leonardo DaVinci is one of the greatest minds of human history, a true polymath whose fields of interest extended from arts to engineering to natural health. At DAVINCI Dental we seek to draw inspiration from and continue the legacy of Leonardo DaVinci through the art and science of dentistry.

Care and attention to creating a comfortable and relaxing experience
We understand that going to the dentist isn’t something many of us look forward to. Strange sounds, tastes and smells, keeping the mouth open for long periods of time not to mention that many procedures can feel uncomfortable.
At DAVINCI we aim to create an experience that is relaxing and comfortable. Beginning in our welcoming waiting room you will experience the soft sounds of calming music and the scent of essential oils. Our commitment to your comfort will extend the whole way through treatment as we take every precaution to ensure as gentle an experience as possible. At the end of your visit we will treat you with a warm towel and a spoonful of sorbet to help refresh your face and mouth.
Futurism and Digital Dentistry
Technology is an amazing force which is driving our world forward. Dr Tom believes that the best results for our future can be obtained by carefully balancing the precision and power of technology with wisdom of nature.
When it comes to dentistry, many procedures are improved in their safety and longevity through the appropriate application of technology. Dr Tom Valmadre seeks to be on the edge of technological development in providing the best possible care for his patients.
Infection Control
DAVINCI Dental meets the requirements and standards of infection control in Australia. The safety of our patients and staff is of highest concern. All instruments are sterilised per guidelines and the surgeries are cleaned between every patient with an organic based hospital grade disinfectant.
Environmental Policy
DAVINCI Dental aims to reduce the amount of waste produced. When ever appropriate we choose to use instruments that are reusable through sterilisation and when available materials that are bio-degradable. Outgoing water is run through a filtration system to prevent excess mercury from flowing out into waste water and our high-tech digital dentistry upgrades procedures that once used many consumable products.
Instant Claims to your health fund
Through HICAPS facility we are able to make on-the-spot, instant claims to your health fund. No need to wait for a rebate!
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