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Dr Tom Valmadre

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Dr Tom Valmadre graduated from Griffith University with both undergraduate (2007) and post-graduate (2009) degrees in dentistry. Since that time Dr Tom has had the privilege of working across the spectrum of the dental profession, both locally and internationally, including working with the Royal Melbourne Dental Hospital, providing volunteer humanitarian aide in Timor Leste and working for several years in a specialty Cosmetic and Implant clinic in Melbourne’s CBD. In the pursuit of excellence Dr Tom has pursued continuing education with some of the worlds best thought leaders in dentistry and completed the Master Implant Program with the Brener Institute. He continues to seek out opportunities to expand his knowledge and experience both within the field of dentistry and associated fields of holistic and alternative health.
Whilst Dr Tom seeks to back all his knowledge with a strong basis in published clinical research he also appreciates that each individual’s response to care may vary and that there exist modalities that as yet do not have strong research to support them, despite significant anecdotal evidence suggesting their effectiveness. With this in mind Dr Tom seeks to establish a protocol of treatment that optimises the integration between research based dental science, ancient sources of knowledge and the natural wisdom contained within our own bodies. Ultimately it is Dr Tom’s intention to empower each individual to make the choices that are in highest alignment with their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.
Beyond the dental clinic Dr Tom has be committed to understanding how live a healthy and fulfilling life. He places great emphasis on the importance of clear and open communication. His studies and research have included psychology, non-violent communication, sacred geometry, meditation, yoga (for which he has qualified to instruct) as well as many varied interests in different areas of health and well being. DAVINCI Dental presents the unique opportunity for Dr Tom to combine all his passions into a single offering which he hopes will be in highest service to his community.
Dr Tom Valmadre is a member of the Australian Dental Association (ADA)
Dr Tom Valmadre is a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT)
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