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Phi ratio and facial aesthetics

The beauty and majesty of nature are indisputable. For many millennia the great sages of humanity have understood that what makes thing beautiful and harmonious to our eye is directly related to a mathematical concept know as phi ratio. From the precise position of each petal in the flowering lotus to the cosmic spirally arms of the Milky Way galaxy this phenomena is clearly observed. The human body is no different and when it comes to producing a beautiful smile Dr Tom factors this mysterious constant into the design ensuring a result that will maximise harmony and most effectively reveal the natural beauty already existing within you.


You may have noticed that your teeth are not as bright as they once were, especially if you have been enjoying a regular Melbourne coffee. Teeth whitening is a safe procedure where the shade of your teeth can be improved in a single appointment giving you a whiter and brighter smile with ease. 

Where spirit does not work with the hand,
there is no art. ~ Leonardo da Vinci

Cosmetic Consult and Digital Aesthetic Design

Like any great masterpiece, the creation of a harmonious and beautiful smile requires careful planning and design. During a cosmetic consult Dr Tom takes the time to deeply understand your desired outcome and takes careful measurements and a complete set of photographs. This is all combined with the latest in Digital Smile Design technology to create a preview of how your smile will turn out. Only once both you and Dr Tom are completely satisfied with the direction will we begin work in the mouth.


Whether its a single tooth touchup or a complete smile makeover, veneers are often the best choice to create natural and harmonious result. Made from porcelain, a veneer will accurately capture the colour and depth that is seen in natural teeth and is an excellent option when the shape or orientation of a tooth needs to be corrected.

Classic Aesthetics - $1300 per tooth

We live in a time of amazing of individuation and self-expression. For those looking for something unique with a touch of classic style, gold is an excellent material to bringing a little flash to your smile. At DAVINCI Dental we only use the highest purity of dental gold to ensure a safe and beautiful finish of the highest standard.


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