Integrated & Holistic Dentistry

Integrated & Holistic Dentistry

Metal Free Crown and Bridge - $1200 for non-cosmetic cases

When a tooth becomes particularly damaged it may require a dental crown to protect and preserve it for the long term. Providing complete coverage of the tooth, the dental crown helps to prevent a weakened tooth from cracking in the future.

When a tooth is missing, the best option to replace it may be to place a bridge. As the name suggests a bridge will fill the space with a fake tooth by joining it to the teeth on either side, bridging the gap.

All of our crowns and bridges are made of Zirconia, the same crystalline substance fake diamonds are made from. Extremely strong and perfectly matching the natural colour of teeth, Zirconia is completely free from metal alloys that may cause interference with our bio-energetic field.

Mercury Filling Removal (amalgam fillings)

Despite dangerous effects of mercury being well documented and the use of mercury fillings being banned in an increasing number of countries, mercury fillings are still in common use in Australia. Whilst many patients are electing to remove this substance from their body it is important to understand that it is during the removal process that without proper precautions we can become exposed to the greatest amount of mercury. At DAVINCI Dental we use the SMART protocol developed by the International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology to remove amalgam fillings in the safest way possible.


Fluoride Free Dentistry

Whilst Fluoride can have its place in the prevention decaying teeth, at DAVINCI we believe that patients with a holistic focus on their health do not need the extra protective measure fluoride provides and that it could expose them to unnecessary consequences. We choose not to use any topical products with added fluoride in the clinic or to stock for sale. 

Nature is the source of all true knowledge. She has her own logic, her own laws, she has no effect without cause nor invention without necessity. ~ Leonardo da Vinci

Bio-Compatible Materials

In the world of dentistry, even if we avoid obvious toxins such as mercury or fluoride, that doesn’t guarantee the substitutes are going to be better for the body. Many white filling materials can contain BPA, HEMA or TEGDMA which are linked to adverse reactions in some patients. At DAVINCI Dental we ensure that all materials used are in the highest standard of bio-compatibility with an aim to minimise risks to our patients.

Digital X-rays

The amount of radiation received during a set of dental X-rays is approximated to be less than the amount received flying between Melbourne and Sydney. A digital X-ray can reduce that amount by up to half. 

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